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Cine sunt grecii si influenta tracilor asupra lor

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    July 17, 2010
    Ia sa vedem ce zice Herodot despre originea grecilor. "If this were really so, and the entire Pelasgic race spoke the same tongue, the Athenians, who were certainly Pelasgi, must have changed their language at the same time that they passed into the Hellenic body; for it is a certain fact that the people of Creston speak a language unlike any of their neighbours, and the same is true of the Placianians, while the language spoken by these two people is the same; which shows that they both retain the idiom which they brought with them into the countries where they are now settled.
    58. The Hellenic race has never, since its first origin, changed its speech. This at least seems evident to me. It was a branch of the Pelasgic, which separated from the main body, and at first was scanty in numbers and of little power; but it gradually spread and increased to a multitude of nations, chiefly by the voluntary entrance into its ranks of numerous tribes of barbarians. The Pelasgi, on the other hand, were, as I think, a barbarian race which never greatly multiplied." Deci grecii sunt o ramura a neamului pelasgic. Se mai remarca faptul ca se recunoaste originea pelasgica, dar originarii astia au ramas niste tarani razleti fara lumina civilizatoare greceasca... Clasic pentru un grec.